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Mac and Label Labelling and Research Australian AgentMac & Label In-Tray Labeller

In 2011 Label Press became the Australasian agent for Mac & Label to provide our clientele with the latest in fruit and vegetable labelling technology. This system is without a doubt the best piece of labelling equipment on the market.

Label 1,000+ trays per/hr using the Vision System

A modular system for automatic in-tray and box labelling, designed to be used also for multi-pack or inconsistent produce patterns, without the need of two different machines. It's possible to adjust this system to every specific situation, and it can be adapted to accommodate other components and machinery already in place. This extremely efficient and easy to use system is the only one of its kind available in Australia.

Aimed at reducing all working costs of automatic labelling, the Package Optical Detection Systems with scanner vision improves packaging procedures. The system manages the inflow of the packages from any processing line. The size of the package, passing through the Vision box, is detected by an optical system that recognises the external size of the package and its height. The laser scanner verifies the number of fruit and their position. The obtained data is then sent to the PC of the labelling machine that consequently positions the heads in the correct height and place for the processing of the package.

The entire system is controlled by a PC with a touch screen panel with the possibility of LAN remote access to any given management system. The system functions with a main menu and a series of associated functions.

Save on time, money & space - use 1 simplified system & 1 conveyor to pack any produce configuration consecutively.

Own your own system - No need to be bound to a lease agreement.

Contact us to discuss how you can implement one of these cost cutting systems in your packhouse. Free Call 1800 773 207 or shoot us a message via our contact form.


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