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About Label Press (Qld) Pty Ltd

Since 1980, Label Press has provided quality printed labels and tags as well as innovative packhouse solutions to the fresh produce and food packaging markets. Our expertise and extensive knowledge as label printers has allowed us to expand to service the whole label market while proudly remaining an Australian, family owned and operated company

We manufacture one colour and full colour labels and tags on rolls or sheets. Our custom shaped labels, quality adhesives and professional print design will give your product the edge you need. We also sell and service quality label applicators including; manual, automatic, in-line and in-tray labelling systems.

In 2011 Label Press became the Australasian agent for Mac & Label to provide our clientele with the latest in fruit and vegetable labelling technology. Our long relationship with the food industry has provided us with insight of the ever changing and sometimes pressing requirements of food processing. This has enabled us to continue to deliver innovative label and packhouse solutions to help Australian growers remain progressive and competitive in the market.

Contact Label Press today to dicuss what we can do for your business. Free Call 1800 773 207 or shoot us a message via our contact form.

Queensland based...

Supplying the Australian market with quality adhesive labels, tags, printers & applicators!

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